At Your Solar Expert we believe that giving back is part of any business model in the world that we are building. That’s why we are always striving to give back to the communities that need it the most

Impact Journey with Powur

In November 2022 we joined Powur, Prosperity Homes and Baja Bound in building a home for a family in need in Ensenada, Mexico. Gina and her beautiful daughters Ximena and Andrea got a new home that they have never had. This home is powered by solar plus batteries to keep their lights, fridge and electronics running. What an amazing feeling to have a home and have electricity in that home! The lives of these girls are changed to the better.

Treba Diyati - Time to Act

We feel very strong about the current situation in Ukraine. The horrendous war that has been taking place in Ukraine left destruction and grief. Our organization has been actively involved in donating resources to individuals and organizations in Ukraine that are working with local population affected by the war.

Community Fund Project by Liveable Arlington

Our partnership with Liveable Arlington has just started but is already bringing some great results. Liveable Arlington supplied LED bulbs and reusable bags to some communities struggling with high electric cost. This was made possible with our solar fundraising partnership. $1,000 worth of bulbs will save $15,000-30,000 in electric cost over the lifetime of these bulbs. Impressive!

Volunteer organizations we cooperate with

Our company always strives to support socially responsible projects and initiatives. We are proud of our partnerships with various volunteer organizations involved in environmental protection, sustainable energy and social initiatives. Our partners help us to increase our impact and expand our capabilities, allowing us to be part of a global mission to preserve our planet for future generations

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