Hi there.

I am Natalia Carter, the CEO and Founder of Your Solar Expert. Welcome!

Several words about me and why I do what I do.

  • I am a solar professional, solarpreneur, activist.
  • I am a Mom who is worried about the future of my children.
  • I am a human who is concerned about the future of all humanity.
  • Ever since I learned the reality of climate change many years ago, I could not and cannot unlearn it. Once your eyes are open, one cannot unsee it. Finding the way to live life more sustainably has become my goal, my passion, my obsession, and now my profession.

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    The problem that we as humanity are facing is so much bigger than ourselves.

    What can we as individuals do to protect our planet from climate change?

    It might seem daunting and overwhelming.

    I used to be in the same boat.

    Until I found true hope, science based, reality checked hope that empowers me.

    While looking at ways to make a difference, I discovered that going solar is one of the most impactful ways for us, as individuals, to protect our planet from climate change.


    We, as individuals, have power and it is up to us if and how we use that power.

    I not only decided to have solar on my own home, I wanted to help other people do the same. That is how I got into solar industry 6+ years ago. After working at several large companies and learning the industry and local markets, I ventured on my own so my team and I can offer a variety of high quality equipment, financing options, and provide the best experience for our clients.

    That is how Your Solar Expert was born.

    Together, we creating our beautiful world so that our children live on a livable, healthy, clean Planet Earth

    Work with us

    We know if you are here, you have it in your heart to make a difference.
    There are many ways you can participate in building a better world with our company.

    For HomeOwners

    If you are a homeowner and pay for your electric bill, Install solar panels on your own home with Your Solar Expert

    Building Your
    Career in Solar

    If you are inspired and are looking to either supplement your current income or change your occupation completely, you can join Your Solar expert team.

    Fundraising for

    If you are a homeowner and pay for your electric bill, Install solar panels on your own home with Your Solar Expert

    Helping Ukraine

    If you are Ukrainian, care about Ukraine, manage or participate in any volunteer organization helping Ukraine, we can help you by introducing one more way to help Ukraine.